Mike’s Obituary (Click Here)

I attended W.A.W. H.S. from 55 or so until graduating with the great class of 61 of which just had their 45th reunion. A great time and great memories of by-gone days.

I’m from New York and moved to Elkhart, Indiana in 49 and then to old Aetna in late 52 and then Miller in 55. Also went to Emerson for 5th and 6th grade and for 7th. I took the city bus to W.A.W. until physically moving to 7310 E.1st. Ave on the east side of Montgomery Street at the end of Ash Place.

Now I live in Central New York,  near the village of Skaneateles heading towards Courtland in Spafford twp on the east side of Lake Skaneateles.

I am retired and take care of my Mom and her house and the dogs and cats and all the other things that go with owning and living in a home. Snow removal of which we receive a lot as there have been record snowfalls for this area of NY the last 4 years. Also do all the lawn mowing and maintenance.